Information about the camera-ready submission

September 19, 2021

Now we are on the process to submit the camera-ready version at
Here, we have some information on the IEEE PDF eXpress
The IEEE PDF eXpress is normally used for checking the format of your manuscript.
The system will receive your manuscipt, check the format, and then generate the final (camera-ready) manuscript that are used for submission to the IEEE.
Normally it will output your checked manuscript file in the IEEE-formated filename and
then you submit that file via our KSE2021 system.
Now the conference ID is given (#53942) but it is still on the final process.
Please kindly revise your manuscript and wait for the IEEE PDF eXpress to open for our conference (#53942).
Please kindly wait.
In some situation, we may slightly extend the deadline until the issue is solved.
Please see the further announcement on the KSE2021 web
We are very sorry for this inconvenience caused.

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